Where we are



Below is a map of all Spain, with Isla Canela in Huelva province circled in red. Costa de la Luz is the coastline stretching from the Portuguese border down to Gibraltar.
Below is a map of the Northern Costa de La Luz. Faro airport can be seen in the west along the Portuguese coast, and the Capital of Andalucia, Seville is to be found inland in the East.
The detailed map below show our particular stretch of coast, The Northern Costa de la Luz in greater details. As you can see Isla Canela is well connected to Faro and Huelva by motorways, while the island itself is removed from the major through roads of the area.
Below is a map of the actual Island of Isla Canela on the Costa de la Luz. As you can see it is a natural island separated from the mainland by a river.